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Democracy under Siege In Bangladesh: Autocratic State Repression Continues Unabated

Democracy is about lasting and functional institutions of the state. People’s choice is the root of democracy. When people’s choice is confiscated, issue of democracy remains a ...

Citizen Movement submitted Memorandum to British Prime Minster

London, 27 January: Citizen Movement, a UK based civil society organisation of Bangladeshi expatriate living in the UK submitted a  memorandum to the British Prime Minster David Cameron ...

5 January Election was farcical – British MPs

London: Representatives of British Government said that 5th January 2013 election of Bangladesh was a joke with people’s aspiration. So, organizing a free and fare election including ...

Quest for Democracy in Bangladesh

Dr. Tuhin Malik Introduction The quest for democracy in Bangladesh is moving in circles. The country gained its independence through both the democratic process and through war. During ...

Human Rights and Decay of Ethical Values of Society and the State

Farhad Mazhar I intend to share with you my concerns about the human rights violation in Bangladesh. I assume that most of you are aware of the reports coming out of the human rights ...