5 January Election was farcical – British MPs

London: Representatives of British Government said that 5th January 2013 election of Bangladesh was a joke with people’s aspiration. So, organizing a free and fare election including all parties is important for Bangladesh. They were speaking in a seminar organized by UK based Bangladeshi expatriate civil society organization Citizen Movement at the Portcullis House of the House of Commons on November 25, 2014.

MP Simon Danczuk said, ‘the recent election of Bangladesh does not represent the peoples will as major political parties did not take part in it. More than half of the Members of the National Parliament were elected unopposed.’ He said, this voter less election is a joke with people. This election did not get approval from UK and the international Community. Danczak said, Britain along with other international communities as well various development partners feel that, organizing a free and fare election, ensuring that all parties take part in it, is immediate need of the country.

The seminar was presided over by Lord Ahmad Nazir. M A Malek, Convener of Citizen Movement delivered the welcome speech in the seminar, while famous political analysts Farhad Mazhar and Dr. Tuhin Malik presented the keynotes papers. Lord Qurban Hussain, Baroness Paula Manjila Uddin, Jim Fitz Patrick MP, David Ward MP also addressed the seminar.

Criticizing the International War Crimes Tribunal Lord Nazir said, we want those who committed war crimes in 1971 to be brought to justice, but staging a show trial to suppress the opposition and violating international laws is not acceptable. He said we ensured the return of Prime Minster Sheikh Hasina to Bangladesh while she was in exile due to the political situation in Bangladesh. I am sunned by the anti-democratic activities of Hasina whom we helped returning to Bangladesh for the sake of democracy.

Lord Qurban said citing his meeting with M Iliyas Ali before his abduction, ‘it is unbelievable that a human being can disappeared in such a way. He said, the situation in Bangladesh is as such that, one moment people are arrested from their home and the next moment their dead bodies are found lying in the street.

Expressing his concern on political instability, violation of human rights and gave emphasis on organizing a free and fare election in Bangladesh.

Farhad Mazhar said, the 5th January election does not represent the peoples will. This lection denied peoples right to choose and has no moral and constitutional legitimacy. He said, an election under the caretaker government is necessary but it will not solve the political crisis of the country.

Dr. Tuhin Malik said, this government not only strangled the democracy to death but also Sheikh Hasina had destroyed the very principles on which the country achieved independence.

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